The guests are calling, where will they sleep…?

The Guests are calling, panic is setting in, where will they sleep? Who do I need to accommodate a child or an adult or a couple? Hmm will I shuffle my furniture around for that weekend? I need to get a new 3 seater anyway, I wonder would a nice sofa bed be an option. I always run into this drama when guests are calling. Is this the type of unnecessary panic you run into every summer? If so fret no more and call into us at Madden Furniture to help you make a long standing decision which will prevent these heart palpitations every summer.  We can offer you amazing space saving solutions for your room with the greatest of comfort for your new sofa along with the mattress supplied within the sofabed. Gone are the days of poor quality sofa beds that look ok visually but have your guests running for the hills in the morning with backache. Don’t get me wrong these are still plentiful in the market place but are not available at Madden Furniture. We know how important it is for our customers to have the reassurance that their guests have had a wonderful stay in your home with a great night’s sleep for the adventures planned on their stay. Guest beds are also a great option if it’s for occasional use these can be stored away easily and wheeled from one bedroom to the next for a hassle free experience. Our team at Madden Furniture would urge you not to panic when you get that call that the guests are coming, pop into us and we will solve the situation promptly and of course with a smile.