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KALAHARI is a modular programme with a special design. It has with no padded back cushions and very soft curved shapes inspired by the desert dunes. The combination options are endless, and totally different from what we currently have.

The new Kalahari model offers curved shapes and mid length modules, which bring more space to straighten the legs, sit down with your feet up, or sit down with your legs crossed. We claim that this new type of mid length chaise lounges offers great comfort. The medium chaise unit’s“K” and “H” are our individual medium chaises, while “MB” and “MBX” are the larger versions.

Lead time: 8 – 14 weeks

Just like anything else at Fama, it has a hidden innovation, which does not affect the aesthetics and brings new features. We have designed an adjustable backrest system for two depths.

As you all know, family members usually have different preferences and needs when it comes to seating. Even for the same person, the sofa is a piece which we use for different purposes, and there are certain activities which required more upright postures than others.

Thank to this smart adjustable backrest system, it allows you to have two different depths in one sofa. A new extra-flat hidden mechanism created by Fama along with the new seat shapes, which offers new solutions to the market.

Last but not the least, Kalahari has removable covers. We use the same system as Klee and Arianne Plus models.