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Atlanta is a perfect model for those who would like to be able to enjoy the comfort offered by the relax mechanisms, but who are reticent to the aesthetics of these types of models.

It is the result of a research and design project of more than a year, in which the objective was to create a low back that could become high quickly, but in which no one could imagine that this was so. An ingenious mechanism that allows hiding a headboard within a conventional backrest design. In two seconds the head is hidden or over the backrest.

Both ATLANTA & BALTIA models are presented with 4 arm options.

Lead time: 8 – 14 weeks

Atlanta is part of Fama Sofas’ new modular relax program: ATLANTA and BALTIA.

After the impressive success of the launch of our Avalon model, “the most comfortable sofa in the world”, we decided to try to create a new relax model that could offer the same comfort, but with a more modern design line, trying to avoid backups high that are often difficult to fit in current rooms. The seat of both models is practically identical to the Avalon model, capable of providing a length and comfort that are difficult to match, but with the advantage that it remains removable for easy washing. Another important aspect regarding the safety of the children during the first years is that, when the push buttons are hidden, we prevent domestic accidents from arising.