Inspirational Rooms

Have you great ideas for your home but are finding the task on hand overwhelming and difficult to get your head around. Don’t worry take a deep breath, everyone feels like this when a room needs to be redecorated. Embrace the challenge. Let’s start at the beginning: Are you going to change your suite, if so this is a good starting point in the project. Would a corner group work or will it be a casual fabric three piece or formal leather suite. Am I trying to achieve a traditional or modern look in this room? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you ever step foot in a shop. Are you going to put carpet down or have you a wooden floor? Paint and curtains always come after the suite making decision, if you are starting from the beginning as this makes the job on hand easier and the project starts to become stress free. Set out a budget for this room, how much do I want to spend? Have you ever tried mood boards and putting images from magazines together on a board to lead you in the right direction? Pinterest is also a fantastic aid to help get ideas for your room.