Getting behind the brand

Madden Furniture are passionate about companies who offer our customers options. Felix Lopez designer and Co-ordinator for Fama not only knows how to manufacture amazing products but comfort is key. In order to tick all the boxes big brands like Fama need to know our consumers personalities and how we live in the 21st century. We are all on the move with our busy schedules and when we do get a chance to sit or lie on our sofa we want complete comfort. Fama offers so many options to our 21st century customer that sometimes we feel they are the real trend setters who are bringing us forward with new innovative ideas on an annual basis.  Check out their website and talk to us today about all the options available for your home and to bring you into the future.

“Sofas to enjoy at home” is not just a slogan, it describes Fama philosophy in 5 words.

In the market we can find very comfortable sofas which are not very inspiring, and also beautiful designs in which comfort has not been taken into account.

Moreover, very few companies’ bear in mind that most people don’t sit on sofas, they actually lay on them. Most Fama designs have been created with this in mind and they are perfect to enjoy at home.

We design attractive sofas, but their main feature is the comfort. They are created to be enjoyed at home, on your own, as a couple or with the whole family.

We produce innovative and functional products that not only cover the customers’ needs but also create new ones.

They are designs that you will love, and they are produced with the highest quality, guaranteed, and at a very reasonable price

Félix López Designer and coordinator