Does your home have a soul?

Does your home have a soul? Where do you believe the heart of the home is? Many would believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where many Irish families gather on many occasions to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Christenings Communions and Confirmations. We celebrate with food and the warmth of home cooked meals in. The aroma of our kitchens bring a sense of comfort to our souls. How do we accommodate all the extra guests that are calling? Do I need to get an extendable table, do I need to buy a few extra stools. Planning is key for these magnificent occasions but planning should not just go into the food and the preparations for the occasion, planning should also go into the comfort of our guests and to make our gorgeous Kitchens the soul of the home every day and not just for one day of the year.

Top Tips to achieve soul in your kitchen

Have you a corner for a comfy 2 seater, chair or beanbag for your guests while they chat to the cook in the kitchen while all the preparations are underway.

Have you extra bar stools for your guests – works well with your island and guests will chat and also chop the veg at this level

Candles- we love candles to create an atmosphere

A beautiful set Dining table with a pretty centerpiece

Dinner service – when it comes out of the press we know we’re celebrating

Make your house a home with our assistance, we love to celebrate too, let us help celebrate that magnificent occasion with you

Madden Furniture Sales Team