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Call for price

Many of the recliners in the market are very deep and the back has much inclination, what makes them very uncomfortable for old people. We have all seen our parents put a cushion on the back of the chair to reduce the depth.æFor this reason Donatello is much shallower than usual, and it has been designed with a straighter back to make them much more comfortable. The arms on this model are slightly higher than usual; this allows us to stay in an upright position with our arms resting completely. To avoid mobility problems we have created a patented mechanism with castors to move the armchair as if it was a wheel chair. Additionally, we have a patented braking system on the powerlift system that allows us to adjust the height and set the position without operating any pedal or having to manually lock the castors. This way the person can sit up straight for lunch for example, thus avoiding having to change to another seat.

Electric Recliner

Lead Time: 10-12 weeks


Fabric choices


One Size (85 x 83 x 93 cm)